To pay rent, Utilities, Late Fees, Application fees, Repair fees, Home Owners Dues or other you can do so by check, cash, charge, ACH Monthly, or money order.

Checks or Money order can be made out to:
                                                                      Renfrew Home Realty
                                                                      13000 Linden Ave N # 109
                                                                      Seattle WA 98133

You may also elect to pay by auto deduction or ACH from your bank account each month...Never be late with rent again, avoid late fees, avoid the Hassle.  Simply email us a request and we will send you the appropriate form to fill out 1 time and then you can set it and forget it.

(ACH is used for monthly recurring payments)


Credit or Debit cards may be used for payment and if used you are consenting to a 3.5% credit card charge being added to the total amount.  Credit card payments are not considered complete until approved by Staff.  For credit card payment fill out the info below and email or fax to us for processing.

Click Below for Credit Card Authorization (One Time Use Unless otherwise in writing)


In special cases a direct deposit may be approved at US Bank.  You will need to contact management for the account number in advance of arriving at the bank
Arron Renfrew
Arron Renfrew
Managing Broker
13000 Linden Ave N # 109 Seattle WA 98133